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Real Estate Koh Samui

In recent years the Koh Samui real estate market has been attracting investment from a wider and wider spectrum of people. What used to be a market primarily populated by European and American buyers has now grown to include an ever growing number of Australians, Asians and Russians.

The onset of the ‘Asian Tiger’ has prompted increasing governmental control in neighbouring markets such as Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China. Thailand has remained more constant and seen a steadier but still exceptionally solid rise with Koh Samui now more than ever accounting for a healthy sized slice of the property market cake.

The future is bright on this small tropical island with overseas investment coming in to all areas of the economy and old school Thai investors starting to turn their eyes towards Samui.

Recently the infrastructure of the island has been greatly augmented and new roads have opened up the North and South coast for visitors and residents alike. The water, electricity and internet service here have all improved by leaps and bounds and can happily be considered on a par with Western standards nowadays.

Koh Samui is proud to be an all round competitor in international Real Estate today and looks forward to a prosperous future.