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Koh Samui Villas

Koh Samui 35 years ago was primarily home to fishermen and coconut farmers. The island had rugged roads linking settlements and makeshift housing sheltering the scattered families that populated the tropical island. As we move into the twenty first century a lot has changed here.

When property speculators and developers first came here land was incredibly cheap meaning that huge profits could be made from building and selling villas. Exchange rates were ample encouraging foreign investment and lots of money changed hands but standards were not always what foreigners were used to in building terms.

Now we see a far more competitive buyer friendly market brought about by a plethora of healthy competition. Private pool villas can be purchased for as little as three million baht while high end properties soar into the multiple million dollar bracket. The natural serenity and beauty of the island has attracted such high profile buyers as the Beckhams and some members of the Thai Royal family as well.

Koh Samui really encapsulates idyllic beach living whilst providing modern amenities equal to those available even in Los Angeles more coveted districts. The nightlife and restaurant scene is becoming ever more sophisticated with beach clubs like ‘Dreamers’ coming onto the scene and Michelin Guide restaurants steadily growing in numbers while the top end Thai department store Central World will be opening its doors to tourists and residents alike in March 2014.

With solid growth potential and more and more investors coming to the island from a widening demographic Koh Samui looks set on its path as a strong growth industry and investment here at this early stage could reap rewards for both short and long term investors alike.